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For retailers AODP makes it easier to get into the digital market. The technically complicated collection and organisation of digital master data is provided decentrally by the supplier. Meta data is all that is needed to offer digital editions, just like with physical products.

With AODP it's possible to create a product range of both physical and digital goods. This offers new perspectives for retailer development and means an increase in choices for the end customer. Additional opportunities are offered through speciality products and a new variety of goods. Retailers can use their know-how to shape their part of the digital market.

And what does AODP mean for you as a dealer?

AODP offers new possibilities to gain access to the digital market. The process of selling and delivering digital goods via Internet will be redesigned. Thereby, the new system will provide the technical means for decentrally organized transactions via internet on the basis of existing, efficiently working structures. Suppliers and retailers can retain their functions and special fields and at the same time expand their business. Thus, with this innovative technology, they can participate in the market's development in a totally new way.

The market for digital sheet music is still young and full of possibilities, and with AODP the industry has the opportunity to shape it. Expansion into digital sheet music is a natural evolution of the sheet music market. AODP is new, innovative and allows the industry partners to be a part of a healthy digital market.

A digital market means growth in the industry


You don't think the digital and physical markets have anything in common? That's not true. Both are a part of your business. The digital market should not replace the sale of physical products, but rather complement it. By applying the right tools, the new market for digital goods can be integrated into the physical market. New product ranges can be developed and even speciality product lines can find their way into the market. For the end customer this means a larger variety of exciting offers.

What's new about the digital sale with AODP?

The sale of digital goods is nothing new. However, a new decentral infrastructure with AODP brings new opportunities to market participants.

First, picture how physical product are sold. The suppliers (publishers) print and stock editions of sheet music and deliver them to retailers. The retailers offer and sell these goods to their customers. Many different partners participate in this process.
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