Internet protocol (AODP)

Seize the opportunity and discover your personal future in digital sales!


Interested in expanding your current offerings with digital sheet music, but don't know how? The questions raised with this thematic are of course not simple, yet, solutions to these challenges as well as new opportunities are put within reach with the implementation of AODP.

Do it yourself instead of giving control over to third-parties! With AODP you have the chance to actively shape the future and to participate in digital sales via a decentral business network. Supplement your assortment of goods with digital items and, as the case may be, allow or receive access to the publisher's own digital warehouse. This is made possible with AODP.

Do business together in a decentral industry network. AODP offers new business prospects to all industry participants. Retail and publishing – of every size and shape – has a future!

AODP – A virtual connection for trading partners


AODP is a new internet protocol developed in the context of the NNND project. The "Automatic Ordering and Delivery Protocol" (AODP) facilitates the process of communication between supplier and retailer. Order and delivery of digital products can take place decentrally, automatically and safely via AODP. It allows any number of retailers to sell digital products to end customers without storing the digital master files of the products themselves locally, because these files stay with the supplier and are delivered directly from the supplier's server.

The end customer doesn't notice any of this process – for him or her, the whole settlement of sale to the point of the delivery appears to happen exclusively through the retailer, just like with physical products. With the help of AODP, retailers can offer the complete digital assortments of multiple suppliers.

The typical process of the internet protocol

During a sale via the internet protocol, two separate transactions take place, one between consumer and retailer and the other between retailer and supplier. The business structure between retailer and consumer with AODP does not change. New is the protocol's regulation of the simultaneous interaction between retailer and supplier.
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Details and backgrounds

The internet protocol is divided into different phases which refer to the supplier's (server's) status reports to the retailer's (client's) requests. A closer look at the phases will illustrate the principle behind the protocol.
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AODP for Your Industry

AODP, the new decentralized method for digital sales will initially be implemented in the printed music industry. AODP and the concept behind it can both be technically implemented in all kinds of industries selling digital articles, e. g. Music, books, software, newspapers, etc. Thus, the AODP service will be suitable for a wide variety of industries in the future.
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