A leap in evolution

What's new about the digital sale with NNND?


The sale of digital goods is nothing new. However, a new decentral infrastructure with AODP brings new opportunities to market participants.

First, picture how physical product are sold. The suppliers (publishers) print and stock editions of sheet music and deliver them to retailers. The retailers offer and sell these goods to their customers. Many different partners participate in this process. All this is organised decentrally. Not all items of all suppliers need to be stored centrally.

These structures have developed over a long period. All the cogs in the wheel are well greased and efficient and bring benefits to the market as the know-how and processes already exist.

Incredibly enough, what seems obvious in the physical market cannot be found in today's digital market. But why not? Until now, it was due to the lack of the appropriate technical procedure to organize communication between suppliers and retailers in an automatic and decentralized way. With the internet protocol AODP (Automatic Ordering and Delivery Protocol) the missing components have been created. This ground-breaking method allows the participants to handle the process of digital sales as easily and decentrally as is the norm in the physical market. Therefore, the participants and their functions can stay the same, because AODP creates the missing link so that all the cogs can mesh smoothly.

A multitude of suppliers and retailers as well as a decentralized sales organisation provide for an efficient marketplace. And exactly this is what's new about digital business with AODP! The new infrastructure is a quantum leap in the history of the sale of digital goods via the internet.

The advantages

Through AODP, the digital products of various suppliers need not be stored in one central place to allow the retailer to offer a complete assortment of goods. Additionally, it will be possible for every suppliers to sell digital products in cooperation with a multitude of retailers.

The original master data of the products are kept in the publisher's digital stock and are only delivered to the retailer in the case of an actual effective sale – just like physical products.

AODP creates the technical possibility to organise the sale of digital goods decentrally over the internet while building on existing structures. Suppliers and retailers can continue doing what comes naturally to them in their area of expertise while expanding their business. With this innovative technology they can be a part of the development of the digital market in a whole new way.


The internet protocol redesigns the process of the sale and distribution of digital products via the internet. It uses the internet's network capabilities and its decentralized structure in an intelligent way.
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