A leap in evolution


The internet protocol redesigns the process of the sale and distribution of digital products via the internet. It uses the internet's network capabilities and its decentralized structure in an intelligent way. Instead of storing the master data centrally and collectively on the dealer's computer, the digital content (master data) remains with the supplier. With AODP, a dealer's system can automatedly order a digital version of a product which will then be prepared for the customer by the supplier's system. This way, the supplier is able to supervise to whom he/she is selling what data at what time and at what price.

With AODP, the dealer retains his/her usual functions. He/she is able to offer a substantial range of products from various suppliers and offers the items in his internet shop or in a different sales channel. To do so he/she only has to present the meta data (descriptive data) of the digital products, the extensive technical storage, preparation and distribution of the products are taken care of by the supplier. This generally reduces the expense and administrative costs for the dealer. He/she is the customer's business partner and is responsible for all transactions concerning the sale to the customer.

  • The new infrastructure arising with the internet protocol is a useful basis for the creation of a well-functioning market for digital sheet music
  • The digital master files always remain with the suppliers whereby they retain control of their digital products and are able to organize their sale in an independent and secured way
  • Despite the decentralized structure through different suppliers, the new internet protocol makes it possible for customers to obtain a bundled range of products from a dealer of their own choice.
  • The dealer retains his/her function as a salesperson between supplier and customer
  • Dealers can offer digital products from many suppliers without having to deal with the complex and expensive storage, preparation and distribution of the master data
  • The new internet protocol (AODP) will be available as an open standard
  • The new concept will be deployed in the sheet music branch. However, it is also applicable to the digital sale and distribution of any other product

What is new about the digital sale with NNND?

You might think digital sales are no innovation and you would be right, but our method is! A totally new infrastructure allows the market to maintain (keep) established structures and at the same time break new grounds – not just for sheet music but for multiple sectors of digital sales.
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