Internet protocol (AODP)

AODP for your industry


AODP, the new decentralized method for digital sales will initially be implemented in the printed music industry. AODP and the concept behind it can both be technically implemented in all kinds of industries selling digital articles, e. g. Music, books, software, newspapers, etc. Thus, the AODP service will be suitable for a wide variety of industries in the future.
For every industry, a central contracting authority will be established to assist in the standardisation of transactions. This contracting authority provides for the basics that the particular industry's AODP transaction partners need for its practical operation. For instance, every supplier and every retailer would require a clearly defined form of identification that is used in every level of the transaction. In addition to the allocation of a form of identification, the contracting authority could offer the advantage of other services such as a qualified meta data service for articles in its industry.
In the printed music industry, the NNND project partners will take on the function of the contracting authority and thus gain the first valuable practical experience in the new method. Partners in other industries are sought after to attend to AODP and its successful implementation in their particular sector. Those partners in other industries are preferably companies or institutions that already maintain a relationship with market participants in their industry or possibly even offer a meta data service.
Please contact us if you are interested in the implementation of AODP for your industry. The NNND project partners will be pleased to give you further information on their experience in the printed music industry and may help you with planning the implementation in your industry or advise you on how to find an adequate, appropriate partner who could take on the contracting authority function.

A virtual connection for trading partners

In the context of the NNND project, an internet protocol called "Automatic Ordering and Delivery Protocol" – AODP in short – was developed. It controls the process of communication between supplier, retailer and consumer. Orders and delivery of digital products can go on decentrally, automatically and safely via AODP.
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The typical process of the internet protocol

During a sale via the internet protocol, two separate transactions take place, one between consumer and retailer and the other between retailer and supplier. The business structure between retailer and consumer with AODP does not change. New is the protocol's regulation of the simultaneous interaction between retailer and supplier. The entire communications process takes place automated and lasts only a few milliseconds.
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Details and backgrounds

The internet protocol is divided into different phases which refer to the supplier's (server's) status reports to the retailer's (client's) requests. A closer look at the phases will illustrate the principle behind the protocol.
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